Generating k-Pell Infinite Series Using Whittaker’s Formula
In this paper I introduce Whittaker's method of finding the smallest absolute root of a polynomial and I apply it to a special class of polynomials. By applying Whittaker’s formula on these polynomial equations, we obtain infinite series for square roots of positive integers that involve integers belonging to specific k-Pell sequences. This paper was accepted by a journal. When it will be published, I will put the link to the journal's official website (the page that will have my paper).

Representing Polynomials with Complex Coefficients using Lill’s Method
This is a slightly shorter version of a paper I submitted to a journal. It shows how to represent polynomials with complex coefficients using Lill's method.

Lill’s Method and the Sum of Arctangents
In this paper I have a detailed introduction to Lill's method (only polynomials with real coefficients). I also prove a special property and show an application of that property.

Fibonacci Infinite Series and the Negative Powers of the Golden Ratio
This is an informal paper where I show 2 interesting infinite series formulas that converge to the negative powers of the golden ratio.

Lill’s Method and Graphical Solutions to Quadratic Equations
In this paper I go over a few methods that can be used to find the solutions to second degree polynomials with real coefficients. These methods are connected to Lill's method.